Why is Corn Silage Need of the Hour to Prevent Cattle Starvation?

“Drought-hit farmers abandon cows to hunger and death” – we could see these kinds of news headlines popping up often at the time of the droughts. The major problem with drought is people are not planning to handle it. The drought is a part of a cycle. We all must accept, plan and be prepared for it to avoid such sad scenarios in the future.

An article confirmed multiple instances of death of cattle due to the consumption of poisonous fodder or due to starvation. It’s because of the demand and supply gap in fodder production in India. Studies show that the India as a country will see a deficit of 65% for green animal fodder and 25% for dry fodder by the year 2025.

Silage is a high moisturized fodder that is often fed to domestic animals such as cows, goats during the dry season or drought. Corn silage is made by fermenting the chopped/small pieces of corn crops. The process takes place in acidic conditions to avoid loss of taste and nutrients.

Why is corn silage need of the hour to prevent cattle starvation?


Corn silage is less expensive compared to the hay and other types of fodder. And also, it can be fed to the cattle in the dry seasons when the green fodder is highly expensive or inadequate. This way the nutritional values are supplied to the cattle with less expenditure.

Longer Shelf Life:

As silage bales are tightly wrapped by the thin plastic films, it is less prone to get damaged by environmental changes. Generally, the fermentation process gives a higher lifetime and taste to the fodder. Cornext, a leading silage supplier in India, supplies cornsilage all 365 Days to all parts of the country.

High Nutritional Values:

At the drought season, it’s hard to find nutritious green fodder for the cattle. But corn silage makes it possible to feed your cattle with protein and fiber-rich fodder even at the drought season. Actually, silage preserves almost 85% nutrients of the crops.

Dry matter % as fed 32.5 30 34.9
Crude protein % DM 7 4.9 10.2
Crude Fibre % DM 20.3 15.8 26.3
NDF % DM 44.4 38.2 57.2
ADF % DM 23.3 20.6 33.2
Gross energy MJ/kg DM 18.8 16.9 18.8
Calcium g/kg DM 1.9 1.1 3.9
Phosphorus g/kg DM 1.8 1.1 2.9
Potassium g/kg DM 10.5 7.7 13.6
Sodium g/kg DM 0.1 0 0.2
Magnesium g/kg DM 1.1 0.4 1.8
Manganese mg/kg DM 26 11 59
Zinc mg/kg DM 24 15 44
Copper mg/kg DM 4 2 7
Iron mg/kg DM 61 37 125
Ruminant Nutritive Values
DE ruminants MJ/kg DM 13
ME ruminants MJ/kg DM 10.8 10.2 11.7

Nutritional Values in Corn Silage

 Easy to Store:

 Cornext’ silage bales come up with the unique bale shape and size. It is designed in such a way to hold a heavy dry weight in the less cubic foot. So, it will be really easy to store the corn silage bales in a less storage space.

As it has longer self-life and easy to store capacity, you can buy the green corn crops in the season when it is cheap to procure and make it as a bale and store it for the drought season.

 Thanks to technology, silage making is relatively easier now:

It’s relatively easier now to make corn silage and silage baling, thanks to technology. Using cornext silage baler machines, the baling process is simpler now. For silage making enquiries do contact cornext – the best corn silage makers in India, to get assistance.


Instead of letting the cattle starve or undernourished, corn silage can be procured and stored properly to feed the cattle with necessary nutrients. When purchased in bulk it costs less. To buy corn silage or silage balers please contact cornext – top silage suppliers in India for further assistance.

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