Cornext is a new age Agritech company focused on the dairy, operations, and logistics. Started by Agri entrepreneurs in 2015, we aim to transform our firm into India’s leading silage supplying company. In a country where the majority practices farming, we aim to revolutionize the sector via our indigenous methods. The company’s focus is in forage solutions & producing silage, haylage and animal nutrition for dairy farms. An idea that started as a 250 cattle dairy farm in 2012, has today transformed into one of the largest silage suppliers in India.

Why did we start Cornext?

India has been facing a severe fodder crisis over the past decade. Green fodder occupies a major part of the cattle food. It is the cheapest and amongst one of the most nutritious foods for cattle, and forms the bulk of a healthy animal diet. However, India is facing a severe deficit in green fodder to the tune of 35.66% between 2010 and 2020. To counter this crisis, we decided to venture into silage making with Cornext with an aim to become one of the best corn silage suppliers in India. It is a fact that the average yield of milk in India is 20 – 60% lower than the global average, the main reason being silage shortage and people not knowing the importance of silage. At Cornext, we provide a solution to increase the shelf life of green fodder, which we have perfected after extensive research & trials from making baled silage from maize.

Cornext envision’s that the introduction of baled silage technology across the length and breadth of the country will make a multi-fold impact on the dairy industry in the long run.

  • Improves average animal health due to consistent availability of good quality fodder. Animal deaths due to starvation and distress sale can be significantly brought down.
  • Improves the avg. milk yield per animal; there by bringing economic stability to dairying and sustained income to the dairy farmers; especially the women. This can also contribute to the government’s vision of ‘doubling the farmer’s income’.
  • Baled silage technology compliments breed improvement efforts of the government with sufficient fodder availability in place.
  • State machinery can be well prepared during drought and flood conditions with contingency measures to address fodder shortage; like stocking baled silage in fodder banks.
  • By enabling an increase in milk production, the processing capacities of chilling centers can be optimized.

Cornext is a highly innovative company with a single goal to promote Baled Silage as a solution for fodder crisis in India. The company is involved in supplying of Silage Bales to dairy farmers, Co-operatives, Animal Husbandry/Government and is into manufacturing & selling of Silage Baling Machines along with a supply of necessary consumables. Since its inception, the company has supplied more than 1 lakh metric tonnes of baled silage to various customers across India including Andhra Pradesh Animal Husbandry Dept., Andhra Pradesh Live Stock Development Agency, VIJAYA Co-operative and several Progressive Dairy Farmers in Telangana, Goa, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Gujarat, Orissa and other states.