Our Team

Madhav Kshatriya - CEO & Managing Director

Madhav Kshatriya   

CEO & Managing Director

Madhav is the CEO & MD of Cornext Agriproducts Private Limited. He holds an MBA from Australia with expertise in sales, strategy formulation &  management. He has over 5 years experience only in Agritech & Dairy apart from his decade experience in other sectors.

Amarnath Sarangula - Director

Amarnath Sarangula   


An MBA and IITian, with strong experience in Strategic Planning and Management. Amar is known for his sharp analytical skills, often seen crunching numbers.

Mohammed Feroz Ahmed - Director

Mohammed Feroz Ahmed   


An MBA, with 15 years experience in Logistics & Supply Chain Management. He is responsible for the day-to-day execution of the Cornext’s logistics, and is instrumental in marketing strategy.