Corn Silage

Corn Silage is a high moisture fodder that farmers use to feed their domestic animals, especially during the dry season made of corn. Silages are made by chopping the crops into small pieces and then storing them.

Corn Silage for Sale

Nutritional Values in Corn Silage

Dry matter % as fed 32.5 30 34.9
Crude protein % DM 7 4.9 10.2
Crude Fibre % DM 20.3 15.8 26.3
NDF % DM 44.4 38.2 57.2
ADF % DM 23.3 20.6 33.2
Gross energy MJ/kg DM 18.8 16.9 18.8

Corn Silage Supplier in India

Silage Supply service is an end-to-end solution for your animal fodder needs. Cornext can be your fodder partner to ensure consistent supply of baled silage for sale for your cows, goats, etc…

Corn Silage Baling

Being one of the leading silage suppliers in India, our experience in logistics and silage making in India will be of immense use to your business. Specializing in harvesting and baling process, we work best with farmers by sending in a team of experts who will come to your farm, harvest the crop and pack it in the best possible conditions. Cornext offers baling machines to large dairy farms as well as farmers who can identify the maize crop for silaging.

Baling & Distribution

Governments, large dairy firms in the private and public sectors and non-profit organizations working in the dairy sector approach Cornext for baled silage and silage supply to their desired spots.

We are the perfect partner who can provide a solution for your silage needs be it in the form of Silage Making machines in India or as corn silage suppliers. It does not matter if your crop and dairy farm are far away from each other. Feel free to reach out to us if you do not want to be involved in silage production & fodder supply logistics due to multiple reasons.

Why Cornext Silage?

The reason you ought to go with us is because we have tons of experience in high-quality silage production. We have produced over 1,00,000 tons of large silage bales and 25,000 tons of small silage bales. Our wide array of experience in dealing with myriad clients makes us the perfect choice to develop a customized solution for your fodder requirements.