Why Cornext Balers?


✓ Patented Baling Technology

✓ Lowest cost of baling – 5 paisa /kg Silage

✓ Produces 50kg bales which is most suitable for easy handling & usage

✓  Compaction Rate –  650 kg/m³; ideal rate for best quality silage 

✓ 6 layered wrapping with UV protection.

✓ Daily Output –  20 to 25 MT

✓ Automatic bale wrapping, weighment & ejection

We don't just sell Machines
We create Entrepreneurs

✓ FREE Installation & Training

✓ 24×7 Service & Spares - One phone call away

✓ Silage Buyback Guarantee


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The Pioneers

Cornext can be credited for introducing Baled Silage Technology in India since 2015. For our pioneering effort in bringing Baled Silage to Indian dairy industry, we have been awarded National Best Startup Award 2020 by Govt. of India. Cornext indegenised and developed India’s first ever silage baler(Patented), which is today the highly popular and cost effective machine. Cornext Balers are producing silage bales across 18 states in India and nearly 15 countries across the world.

Cornext is also leading suppliers of Silage and Silage Baling Equipment in India (in both institutional & private markets). Some of our clients include BANAS & SUMUL Dairy (Gujarat), SANCHI (Madhya Pradesh), MILMA (Kerala), BAIF, KMF, ICRISAT, Govt. of Andhra Pradesh etc.

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