Inspired by ‘Make in India’, Cornext, a leading silage baler manufacture India, has developed the MSB500 Silage Baling Machine which is capable of producing small bales of weight (60-80 kg) and size 500 mm x 500 mm (diameter x height). The silage machine is a hydraulic operated machine which can be operated by a single person and can achieve a compression up to 650 kg/cm3. Cornext believes that with its given features the MSB500 can be a great asset to the farmers and forage entrepreneurs and revolutionize silage preparation in India.

The Pioneers

We are proud to say that we are the pioneers of baled silage in India. Our Mini Silage Baler (MSB500) is India’s first mini baler with an output capacity of 20 MTs per day in 60 – 80 Kg bales. Our mini balers are producing bales across Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Telangana, Goa,etc.. and few countries outside of India. With a wide and expanding coverage, we can be your partner across multiple regions.

MSB500 silage bale making machine is a completely indigenous and semi-automatic silage machine with easy-to-operate features. This silage baler machine can be handled by a single person along with two assistants.


  • Can bale a variety of forages like Silage, TMR, Paddy Straw, etc.
  • Easy-to-operate controls
  • 3-Phase Power input for easy availability
  • Hydraulic-based semi-automatic system
  • Two-Phase wrapping for more compression
  • Compression rate of more than 650 kg/m3
  • Daily output capacity of 20 MTs
  • Up to 50% volume reduction in dry forages

Machine Features


Hopper is the chamber in which the chopped crop is dumped into. Inoculant can also be sprayed whilst the crop is still in the hopper, before it moves on to the conveyor system. The capacity at any given time is about 0.5 tonne.

Conveyor System

This is a chain type system that carries the chopped crop from the hopper into the Internal compression chamber

Internal Compression Chamber

Inside this internal chamber, the material is loaded and compressed to form silage bales with a compression rate of approximately 650 kg/m3.

External Wrapping Unit

After completion of internal wrapping, the bale then moves onto the external wrapping unit. The bale rotates with the rollers simultaneously and external wrapping is done this way.A stretch recyclable film is then placed beside the external wrapping unit and the hydraulic lever is operated so that the wrapping work is completed.

Hydraulic Lever Operation

MSB 500 is a hydraulic operated silage machine with lever operations. Hydraulic systems are popular on many agri equipments because they reduce the need for complex mechanical linkages and allow remote control of numerous operations.

Internal Wrapping Unit

MSB500 also has a two-stage wrapping system. The first stage of wrapping happens inside the internal compression chamber. The stretchable recyclable film which is UV protected protects the packed silage from harmful rays, enabling outdoor storage.

Why you should go with MSB500 Baler

  • Good quality & stable silage
  • Higher shelf-life of feed
  • Increase in milk production
  • Much better health of cattle (measured by increase in protein levels)
  • Higher profitability for dairies and farmers
  • Better employment opportunities for workforce
  • Cheaper costs per kg of feed than present situation


Bales per Hour30 – 40
Operation SystemHydraulic and Mechanical
Compacting FacilityYes
Power SourceElectricity, three phase 240V or single phase


Bale Weight60 – 80 kg
Compaction Density650 kg/m³
Bale Width550 mm
Bale Height550 mm