Why is Corn Silage Need of the Hour to Prevent Cattle Starvation?

“Drought-hit farmers abandon cows to hunger and death” – we could see these kinds of news headlines popping up often at the time of the droughts. The major problem with drought is people are not planning to handle it. The drought is a part of a cycle. We all must accept, plan and be prepared […]

Five Must-Read Tips To Make Quality Baled Silage

According to a report by The Wire, only 4% of India's land area for crops is dedicated to fodder cultivation for animal feed. Another study forecasts India is expected to experience a shortfall in green animal fodder of 65%by 2025. This is a grim scenario for a country of 1.3 billion people depending on livestock [...]

Everything you need to know about Silage

Silage is a type of animal fodder which is used by dairy farmers across the globe. Silage is fed to different types of cattle such as sheep, goat, cows, and buffaloes. In a country that has the largest cattle inventory in the world, silage making is a vital part of the dairy farming process. In […]