Silage making process is an art in itself. There are different types of silages that exist, including many hybrid ones. In general, the common classification under which the silages are separated are:

  • High-moisture silage (< 30% dry matter)
  • Medium-moisture silage (30 – 40% dry matter)
  • Low-moisture silage ( < 30% dry matter)

Having said that, there are different types of silage hybrids that are commonly used. Some commonly used ones are:

  • Conventional silage hybrids:  Many farm companies in India and abroad have experimented with their existing conventional hybrids for dry matter and fibre digestibility. Based on the results, they have developed a list of conventional hybrids that are recommended for silage production.
  • Leafy hybrids: In this type of hybrid silage, there is a presence of a gene that increases the leaf content of the silage by 12 – 16%. Leafy hybrids are diverse and there are many varieties among them. Depending on the type of leafy hybrid, the starch and fiber digestibility rates might vary. 
  • Brown midrib hybrid: These type of hybrid silages have superior fiber digestibility and enhanced milk production. But compared to other types of silages, they have a reduced yield making people hesitate to adopt them despite their high cost in the market when selling.
  • Waxy corn silage: While the feeding trials have shown mixed results, waxy corn silage is known to contain very high amount of starch due to the presence of a component called amylopectin starch. They can also produce yields closer to traditional silages.

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