Mini Silage Baler 500 (MSB 500)

Top 5 Factors to Consider Before Buying the Silage Baler

Planning to buy a silage baler? Don’t jump into buying mode straight away.
It’s always advisable to do a quick research about the product and the distributor before making a buying decision. Do you want to know what to check? Here are Top 5 Factors to consider before buying the silage baler machine in India.

1, Type of Forages

Why do you buy a silage packing machine? To feed your cattle with the high nutrient fodder. Right? If your forage is dry then you should check that the machine has the capacity to hold all of them securely with the belt. If your forage is like silage (wet fodder) then you should check whether the machine can handle a heavyweight wet fodder without any slippage. What to do when you use both types of fodder. Here is the solution with Cornexts’ Mini Silage Baler (MSB 500). You can handle a variety of fodder such as Silage, TMR, Paddy, and Straw in MSB 500. This is what makes it the best silage packing machine ever in the market.

2. Wrap Quality

There is no point in buying a baler when the fodder rots quickly even after perfectly wrapped. Actually, the baler should produce a bale which can store the harvested feed for a longer period of time without spoilage.  So, you must check the wrapping units of the baler to ensure a longer fodder self-life. Cornexts’ Mini Silage Baler (MSB 500) comes up with Internal and External wrapping units to save the fodder from even UV rays. So that you can store the fodder outdoor without spoilage aversion.

3. Per Day Capacity

Before buying the baler, you should check the per day capacity of the baler machine. Depends on your needs you can choose the higher or lower capacity. Indeed, Cornexts’ Mini Silage Baler (MSB 500) is the first mini baler which comes up with the of 20 MTs per day in 60 – 80 Kg bales. You can attain a higher number of bales with this small machine itself.

4. Bale Size

Bale size is a major factor when comes to storage. The bale size should be minimum with maximized weight. So that you can store those bales in smaller storage areas itself. Cornexts’ Mini Silage Baler (MSB 500) can produce such small bales of weight (60-80 kg) and size 500 mm x 500 mm (diameter x height).

5. Customer Service

Last but not least, You should check whether the customer service available from the distributor or not. At the time of breakdown, you should be able to get the spare parts and required repair service In order to get back to the seamless working of the baler. Cornexts’ (MSB 500) – silage packing machine in India comes with all the customer services available. Cornexts’ offers MSB 500 in the best Silage Baler machine price in India. Affordability and quality excellence both at one junction called Cornext!

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